Great Love!


“For great is your love toward me; you have delivered me from the depths, from the realm of the dead” (Psalm 86:13 NIV).

I encourage everyone to read this entire Psalm get a better understanding of the focus attempted here.

If it had not been for God’s great love for me, where would I be?  If He had not provided deliverance, through Jesus Christ, I would still be on the path to hell!

Not that I’m a perfect person now, but when I look back at the things that I did, and remember the way I sometimes treated people, I can honestly say that “heaven was not an option” for me, then.  I did not commit any murders–unless we count what I attempted to do to others by undermining their self-worth.  I did not commit grand theft–unless we count stealing hearts deliberately and then letting them dangle and rot.  There…

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Power of prayer: Niagara’s waters

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Emerald water look like thick glass, inviting tourists to dip a toe — or even take a swim. The alluring beauty of Niagara Falls belies its power — 6 million cubic feet flows in an irresistible current every minute over the crest. One-hundred-and-sixty-five feet below, as it pounds into the whirling pool, it raises a relentless thunder and mists that bathes people for 100 yards away.

Behind the beauty lies true power.

Many look at prayer as a beautiful thing. They fail to perceive its weight of crushing power. Nations have been overturned. Darkness has ceded to radiant light. The onward rush of worldliness has been diverted, the press of sin blunted. Why? Because of prayer.

Horseshoe FallsOh look! How beautiful! She prays!

To the contrary, look, how powerful: she prays.

In a material world where we are taught to measure scientifically with our five…

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